The Story Behind Simply Beautiful Days

My name is Alicen and I am thrilled that you are visiting Simply Beautiful Days!


















Here’s a little about me:

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Michigan. My husband, Aaron, and I said “I do” six years ago.



















We have two littles, Arlo who is 5 (Wait, what?!) and Amos who turned the big One in August.
Here they are being all cute:











As a family we love to spend time together watching movies, eating yummy food, and seeing how many bad guys we can capture.

(Mamas of boys, can I get an amen?)











In the summer you’ll find me in the sun with a book. In the fall, I’ll be cozied up on the couch with a soft blanket, a book (or an Xbox controller. Don’t judge me, okay?), and a hot cup of coffee. Spring and winter are seasons I would love to avoidΒ because going outside results in me getting wet. Although, IΒ am a diehard white Christmas romantic so I love the beauty of a fresh snowfall.

I like to spend my morning (we’re talking 4 am here) drinking coffee (vanilla caramel flavor to be exact) and studying the Bible. I also like to catch up on email and read anything that will help me become a better blogger.

You’llΒ usually always catch me drinking coffee in the late afternoon because, well, I might be addicted. I also stop what I’m doing for anything Harry Potter, new shoes, dark chocolate, yummy candles,white farmhouse kitchens, holding hands with my husband, and smooching my boy’s cheeks.

About Simply Beautiful Days

So. Why would I choose to start a blog?Β 

Basically, it was the pit in my stomach that I wasn’t doing enough to contribute to my family’s well being. Especially with our finances. I have always dealt with guilt over my spending habits. I finally got sick of it, feeling like all I do is take, take, take from my husband’s income. You see, I don’t have a job. I am beyond blessed to stay at home with our boys and to have the time to make our home cozy and clean.

BUT, I needed to change how I thought about money.

So out of that desire I got the idea to start a blog.









Welcome to Simply Beautiful Days.

While I’ve never owned a business, entrepreneurism is in my blood. My father owned his own business for 11 years. His dad, my grandfather, owned his own business for many years. This blog may not be a typical brick and mortar business, but I know I can do this.

It’s going to be a journey. A learning process. And I invite you to join me. Because it will be a blast and I might just learn to laugh at myself!

So, what can you expect from me?

Simply Beautiful Days is a place where you will find information on living intentional lives. I have a passion for talking about things that help me stay organized and reduce the amount of stress and pressure I deal with on a daily basis. I hope that I can help you in this area too!

It’s not all serious though. You’ll also find that I enjoy writing about organizing, decluttering, books I’ve read, Bullet Journaling, and fountain pens.

The essence of the blog comes down to this:

Together we’ll learn to put our best foot forward by taking one step at a time and letting the light in us shine and sparkle right where we are.

Thank you for visiting! I am beyond delighted that you are here!


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